Dedicated to the memory of Prof Vic Scott

This site is a tribute to Vic Scott, who was born in Fulham on February 16, 1928. He is much loved and will always be remembered.

His funeral on Wednesday 8th February 2023 at Haycombe Crematorium was a wonderful celebration of life attended by his family and extended family, friends and many university colleagues. Many also attended via the video link around the world . We thank you all. 

We had a lovely after service party at Bath Boathouse,  sharing memories and thoughts of Vic.

Vic had key qualities that are hard to come by 

Being fair

Being kind - he was a true Gentle man

Always supportive and a family man.

Vic was the love of June’s life for 72 years.

Thank you to Chris Dyer and his team at RUH and to the amazing care team at Rush Hill Mews.

Thanks also to Chris Bowen Martin Ansell and Tim Mays for their contributions on the university website and to Alison Crichton for putting it all together . Thank you to David Packham and Glyn Love and to Mike Hepburn and Mike Cox for your recollections and memories.

To Prof … Vic … Dad … Grandad …  Scotty

We salute you in celebration of a life well lived by a gentle caring and inspirational man. You were so well loved and we miss you. 

If you wish to see the funeral video recording please visit

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Dry your tears and laugh again, Let go your hurt, release your pain, Accept that my time on earth was complete, My lessons all learned, some bitter, some sweet. Envisage me, healthy and strong, Don't hold the memory of where it went wrong, Know that the place where I am feels so right, I'm surrounded by love and bathed in white light. Don't cling on to heartache and think I'm afar, For I stand by your side, wherever you are, In your joy and your sorrow, every night, every day, I'm there with my love, just one thought away. Step into the sunshine, come out of the rain; For me dry your tears, for me laugh again. Unknown Author
13th January 2024
A perpetual motion machine is a hypothetical machine that can do work infinitely without an external energy source. This kind of machine is impossible, as it would violate either the first or second law of thermodynamics or both. ...That was dad. Filled with an energy for life that felt like it would never stop. He loved everything he did and once he made a decision would rush towards it with conviction, joy and determination. I remember Sundays .. music at full volume … Holt's the planets or the fifth dimesion … swimming at Bradford on Avon… digging the vegetable garden... building dry stone walls the summer we moved to Applegarth with his students helping and sitting down to Sunday lunch … Sunday evening when a quiet would decend and he would sit at the dining room table with student papers spread out or something he was working on ready for the working week. He'd arrive home after walking back from the university into the kitchen where his glasses would immediately steam up. His joy in making things, painting and music shaped my life with a belief I could create anything. The last few years as his eyesight failed we painted together scenes from past holidays. The motions of planets may appear perpetual, but are actually subject to many processes that slowly dissipate their kinetic energy so they will not keep moving forever. I miss you Dad so much. Carl Sagan said 'We're made of star stuff'. The stars are even brighter tonight with you there too.
Andreana Scott
4th February 2023
We hope that you find this tribute to Vic a place of comfort, support and inspiration for you to visit whenever you want or need to.
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